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Commentary inspirational uplifing Parental guidence by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.



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In my Opinion, what parents have given their kids is a way NOT to communicate with them or even encourage the kids to talk out their problems. What instead the kids have been given is freedom to network socially before they are truly mature enough to handle complicated relationships, something that is learned first in the family, then next in school and finally in the community. Skipping to network relationships that by-pass necessary discipline of society will eventually create kids either with no sense of belonging to a family, alienating adults all together (like a taboo), or choosing virtual relationships that are not realistic and that do not prepare then for future life.

A culture shock is setting in because kids are being taught that in virtual reality they can change and do whatever they want, be tough and not listen to adults who give sound advice. To pass over certain reality checks mandated by parents is every kids dream.

Virtual vs. Reality With Our Children: Whose Choice?
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