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Teen Train Suicides

Teens see suicide by train as quickest way to end pain. Stand in front of oncoming train, close their eyes, get hit, enter into oblivion. (Also, to inflict pain on parents or offending adults.) The problem for teens is that they take emotional relationships at early youth too seriously. My teens in the 70's and 80”s thought if they were not going steady something was wrong with them. Had to be a couple. When the break-up occurred, which is normal, it was like a divorce with out-lashing at partners. Hurts, jeers, etc. much too intense for their age. Today it is worse because of reality shows, soaps, and the urgent need not to be abandoned by their working or divorced parents. All this is part of growing up and maturing. Kids and teens are being led to believe to be somebody they have to have boyfriend/girlfriend. When trust in relationship is over, they feel lost instead of inspired to look ahead for new friends. Jealousy reins high in gangs or special relationships; girls don't get over old boyfriends. They tend to have territorial rights without values after break-ups. Why? No one is teaching responsibility and tolerance to them.

We tell our kids to grow up. What does it mean? You look grown up. Maybe we impress too soon on them these ideals as small children. Maybe adults should say you look perfect for your age. Teens want to think like adults, act like adults but can't handle being adult. Teens primal urges are still undeveloped as yet and they have not learned control over them. Makeup makes girls look too old which is a problem for young and old men. Losing their first job or relationship makes them look like a failure and unsuccessful. They need to face their fears and failures and learn by their mistakes.

Commentary inspirational uplifing Parental Teen guidence by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.
Train Wreck
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