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Commentary inspirational uplifing guidense by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.

9-24-09 Quack, quack off my back!

One can only say this so many times then there will come a time when the issue has to be dealt with, really. Hidden feelings hide realities that need addressing. The following are a few suggested questions to ask one self's checklist, if you will, on how things are within and without.

Issue or situation at present needing resolution:

1.Ask yourself how I feel about it.
2.What makes me realize or identify the truth?
3.What can I do to change either myself or the issue?
4.Where do I draw the line? That is, how far will I let others crossover my invisible line of integrity? MySpace line?
5.How long have I put up with this issue or hurt and am I still willing to put up with it?
6.Do I fight back or not?
7.I see that I can't bury it any longer in denial or forgetting.
8.issue keeps coming up or back then I need to deal with it so it's resolved and I can get on with my life. The sign here is that I keep thinking about it .
9.The issue is resolved when I no longer think about it or it comes to mind from a trigger point.

Issues dealing with family or loved ones are hard to ignore. What to do and yet be compassionate to others and true to self. Where does responsibility lie? My life or theirs? Am I to blame or do I have choices? I AM NOT TO BLAME when I have peeled away the layers of selfish indignation and the truth is revealed and I have dealt with it. No guilt. No regrets.

Loved Ones Are Hard To Ignore.
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