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Discourse and poem within.

Googlephant this gently. I'd like to share a few of the most impressive incidents in my life. I've come to understand myself a bit better and to know to let others grow in their own time and way. Why waste time trying and doing the same thing over and over again. Begin again at the New Beginning and skip over the drolling parts and go directly to interesting innovative and incentive matters. There is a song entitled "Rain of Light" and I painted a picture of it.

Imagine yourself looking up to "light falling" as if rain and with open face and arms embrace it.
Let it warm you; let it be welcomed within to enlighten you.
Feel the light on your face and accept with it its warm embrace.
Surrounded by light's "gentle rain" of pure pleasure and joy laugh out loud with childlike abandonment
and frolic to your hearts content in it.
Be not afraid for when it leaves it will do so silently but leave grace upon the unknown place
in your Being that now shines brightly as the sun chasing away shadows of things undone.
Be kind to yourself, for in doing so you will extend the "life force" that the "rain of light" has
given forth to all around on this wonderful and unique Planet Earth.
How can we not help ourselves when darkness prevails and we conjure up this delightful image
of Lights shining so that the darkness of our thoughts have to flee for cover and be no more.
Take courage! Stand firm in your resolve to meet the daily challenges of heart and mind
and dance within the "Rain of Light" confines!

To see this artwork go to ladybytheseastudio.com and click on Universal.

Rain of Light