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Article on present World need for working together and understanding. Grass roots thinking by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.

4-5-10 Patricia BeBeau

Aerophant clear flying.

I am an artist, mother of five adults, grandmother of eight and now a minister. I decided it was time to take on a responsibility of a different nature and my mission is to guide and illuminate universal truths through my art and writings. Common sense and awareness to our place in the Universe is the main thread of life and how we live it. I try to live what I believe and share with those who are seeking to know who they are and their true purpose on Earth. When I write I put it "out there" and leave it for those seekers who will eventually find my words and be comforted or be stirred up into self awareness reactions. Much like my paintings that are viewed but not always accepted or pleasing to the viewer. Remember you cannot please everyone and thus, it makes room for unlimited works of art and writings. it's a good thing. We need as many to express truths because one person cannot alone reach all. Variety is the spice of Life! To see my art go to

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