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Poem written for those families who lost loved ones in the San Bruno blast, September 9, 2010.

Patricia BeBeau
September 21, 2010

Heart strings are pulled
When we lose our hold
On those we love who were here and gone.
Missing them with grieving hearts behold
An emptiness that knows no relief
So we are told.

Yet, in the midst of day and night
There is a holy light
That lifts the souls'
Expectation and delight.
We see them there not in despair,
Glowing faces, warm embraces,
Stars beyond our air.

Set in motion a life lived well
Gives way to Spirits soring.
Miss them not but rejoice.
Live, laugh as they with us
Did most imploring.

Call to them to report,
Wish them well to keep in touch
With Strings of Heart.

Heart Strings