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Poem in Memorium for my ninth grandchild born & died on September 16, 2010 and who lived 49 minutes in love by Patricia BeBeau.

Audrey's Message
Patricia BeBeau

You came to me, Audrey, with a message
of how to open up Billy's eyes.
You said he's off track and
pointed out I must get him back
to the Truth behold in his heart unfold.

So an idea came as I reached out
to Who all know His Name.
My rage, my anger what to do;
release it to Universe all;
how to manage it on Earth for
good purposeful gain?

Write a letter tell it true,
Send it where it will do
the most good.
Pointed though it be, a risk I must take.
Say it so for the Creator's sake
because I stand true and serve the One Who
all my being taught me faith and followed
through even when I denied Its Face.

Now I stand tall on top, no more to be toppled
by those who would see me fall.
I may not know it all, but I now know I
will no longer fall to fill the gap of comfort pall.

I stand alone, or so it seems,
where angels sing and praise
and serve the Supreme Being.
So help my letter to reach its goal,
serve the purpose and take its toll.
Shake up the minds set in denial
and help them find the light of day,
a blast of energy, a dazzling display
of beings here working together
that they are a part of forever.

Not a hypocrite be,
but a happy Soul
where love abounds and
all thought and actions
are truly sound.

Audrey's Message