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Article on present World need for working together and understanding. Grass roots thinking by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.

Glad But Sad:
Osama bin Laden Killed May 1, 2011

My byline: This writer knows when you point one finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. I am in the understanding that I alone am responsible for my words and three times as culpable. May they be true and in the very least harmful as humanly possible to my readers. Truth has a habit just as justice to not give way to emotions but to reveal underline facts of reality or evidence. TRUTH just is. In no way do I or anyone else have to prove what the Universe considers a true matter of fact.

We all know by now that Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the United States Trade Center Twin Towers 9/11 attack is dead. There is little relief in this knowledge simply because the head of the snake has been cut off; but what of its children? Terrorism is built on fear and fear mongers use it to control the masses. This exports an enormous amount of energy that can effectively be used against the Peoples of Planet Earth. This violent energy rises up and enters into the atmosphere, merges with high powered winds and lashes down upon the Planet causing great destruction and death. The fear that is created also goes into the underground surface of Earth and can cause great disturbances that shake and quake. Chaos is being created and fear is everywhere. Just listen to the reports how individuals feel unsafe in their homes or countries. Remember, out of chaos comes order.

The question most asked at this present time is What next do we do or can we expect? The answer is: A fusion of like-mindedness that brings things forth. The Nation of Israel was brought forth by the deaths of more than six million Jews and genocides of several cultures. It took the World a terrifying moment in history to accept the existence of a peoples' long suffering to be recognized as a Nation again as in ancient times. For the Israelites a fusion of like-mindedness was a total focus of resurgence of its Nation. And so it was to be.

And still is. Now we have a situation where an attacked country, namely the United States of America focused on hunting down and killing the leader of this act. This leader is now dead. I have to ask, is this like-mindedness or just the result of a very focused objective held by a certain few individuals who hold sway over its citizens, using its military to counter attack. As always, justice will be served and Osama bin Laden's death serves a portion, a very small portion of justice. Glad but sad.

Would the Nation of Israel have come into being without the killing of 6 million Jews? Probably but not as swiftly. Taking too long gives the enemy time to create chaos. Today Osama bin Laden has become a martyr to his people- terrorist fanatics of Islam who seek to annihilate all others except themselves on the planet as a tribute to their god with a belief they are true and it is their god's wish. Their fusion of mind has created fear.

What of the fusion of like-minds of the World? What is its intended focus? Do we really know? Look at all the possibilities of mind-fusion that could create the “greater good” for all peoples. Why hasn't this happened yet? We are now in the age or timeline of the Take-down of all tyrannyical leadership in all countries and religions, including the United States and we are at the beginning of a New Earth Rising. I point out our President Obama's statement of declaration that wherever they hide, those who seek to kill us Americans, we will find you (taken not verbatim from his TV speech). He sounds as if the tide couldn't turn against the U.S. and all countries and nations would stand aside. Mr. Obama had better be careful because he has put this Nation on a fine line of balance, wherein, it is sure to fall from grace (self-righteousness) because of his arrogance. Only working in togetherness will the Earth see freedom of choice based on harmony and peace by the mind-fusion of World Nations to bring human rights and dignity to all citizens of the Planet. Arrogance and self-gratifications play no part in this or in any leadership of countries if it is believed to archive this most important significant goal.*

I do not celebrate bin Laden's death. Justice has been served on the man but not on the actions he committed or the actions continued by his followers. When his machine no longer functions and terrorizes the masses, then will there be true celebration on Earth. When Hitler's idealism of an Arian race was smashed and no longer existed, there was a release of energy. Hitler himself still has to be responsible for atonement for his cruel actions. So it is so with Osama bin Laden, but there is no release of energy as yet since his operation still functions in existence.

The masses rejoice. I question what they are rejoicing about. The snake's head as I said before has been severed, but what of its children? There still exists al Qaida cells. The souls that gave themselves on 9/11 did so to bring the United States out of its FOG or serene self-indulgence that no one would dare assault us. The U.S. should be a part of the balance of Nations, not its supreme leader like so many are thinking. Many countries today suffering from economic bankruptcy have been brought down in past times to depletion of resources and revolution as is happening even now. Each time they rise up again they have lost much of their integrity.* Or, maybe they needed to change their integrity to align themselves with the situation of the masses' needs at the times they reigned supreme which became the purpose of their fall. They fell or will fall because their integrity was not in alignment with present consciousness of the masses. There is a need now more than ever for a fusion of like-mindedness to expose terroism for what it really is and a need for a consiousness that will turn to harmony and peace. The more people who stand up to terrorism the less fear will be generated until there is nothing to be afraid of. Understanding this measure will surly include more deaths, therefore we must pray and meditate that alQaida cells are quickly dismantled. We also thank the souls for giving of themselves to save the Earth from fear and destruction.*

Rev. Patricia BeBeau

*May 1, 2011, 11:30 PM EDT TV speech by President Obama.

**Integrity- that which an individual will put up with until a boundary line has been crossed. For an individual it is a personal boundary that effects their way of thinking and beliefs. For a nation it is the way it sees the masses and responds responsibly to their need or not.

Glad But Sad: The Death of Osama bin Laden
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