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Five flowers in detail representing five karmas or characteristics of being. Each flower is accurate but the coloration is unique to its karma. They are as follow: 1.Iris of Indecision. Iris is black and white with gray areas. The idea of conflict within self between what is considered positive and negative and those blurred gray areas. When self makes a choice and seemingly sticks to it ignoring all else until it runs into conflict. 2.Dahlia Sublime . Dahlia is in full bloom open and showing delicate pompom in semi-transparent blue. Reality sometimes is not what it seems, or is viewed as an off-color to its trueness. Perhaps a fantasy yet real enough to self. 3.Joy of Being! Begonia. Begonia is in the colors of the chackras or rainbow it symbolizes joyfulness in all aspects of life. 4.Amerillo in Camouflage. Amerillo usually is very bright and striking but this one is blending in with nature as camouflaged. Self is unsure that its beauty is true or even welcomed so it hides in the background of others. 5.Trumpets of Grace. Hanging overhead gives the feeling of floating along with life. The coloration suggests softness and its attitude is graceful and in acceptance of self.

Pass A Long card taken from larger artwork piece by Patricia BeBeau, artist. 5 Karmas 5 Flowers Go to All copyrights reserved by artist/author.

Free Meditation card inspirational uplifing by Rev. Patricia BeBeau.  Viewer may download this card ONLY.
5 Karmas 5 Flowers
Artist reproduction; aurthor's nod