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War of the gods sectasrian wars uprising in Middle East theory and comment by Patricia BeBeau

The War Of the Gods (gods)

Are the gods at war? Each sect or religion asks their god to conquer their enemy. Each believes their god is the right god. Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians each think their god is the “top” one and most powerful. 'Vanquish god's enemies', 'Kill the infidels' these sects cry out. 'God wills it' (crusaders) or do they?

Is it one Supreme God of all who must make the decision of who is to win; who is more justified? Or, is it all the gods (lesser) each being prayed to who must decide? Are they at war? In the “heavens” or spheres is there great agitation among the gods? Some of these sects have many gods, so which one do they address for conquering the enemy? To those that believe in only one god, how would this god decide from its point of view who is more right in the fight?

It seems, like a parent with many children, that a dispute among them can only be settled if all are denied. Does this mean those involved have a fight to the death, with only the survivors left? Look back in history, ethnic groups fell to the more powerful and organized military sides - from them has come present situations.

It is right that those who under tyrannical control step up and demand freedom of choice even unto death. The Universe sees that those who held others in bondage over the millenniums have not helped the people move on, only themselves That is why the starving poor are up at arms. They have nothing to loose but their lives. Yet, it is by this thinking that future politics will be less effective if there is no one left to rule over. As the masses find their voices, the enemy will be under exposure of who they really are and to what gods they bow. Usually themselves. In time the truth will be known and good and true leaders will rise to the top but with who's help.

To sum it up, do the gods ignore or take sides? Or, is there one more wiser god who has a plan for all yet unrevealed that will stop senseless killing and bring peace to Earth?

Patricia BeBeau

The War Of the Gods (gods)