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Psychic Scams
Patricia BeBeau March 23, 2011

Recently I did something out of my norm, I asked for a free psychic reading online. I had strong intuition on a matter and wanted to see if someone else sensed it without my telling them what exactly it was. It so happened the psychic did confirm what I already knew from my own insights. However, the psychic proceeded to enlist a plan of action based on their readings that in my opinion was a total scam of "scare tactics". As a moderate psychic on my own level I immediately felt all was not right. What the psychic proposed to say was partly right and the rest sounded to me contrite as if written to the general masses and my name inserted wherever I was being addressed. You know, like those computer generated letters we all get with our names printed in to make us think it is personal. I believe if the psychic is right on present time they will know a person's history of self improvements. I write this as a warning to all those who consult psychics. There are general Universal rules on this and I would like to share them here and now. Simply put, 1)Anytime you are told that you need the help of a psychic and without them you cannot work out your problems, stop. 2)If the reading says that bad things are going to happen to you and without the help of a psychic those things will happen, that's a threat. 3) Scare tactics are never the way to go of any psychic that is truly on the right path. 4) Advice and guidance is the credo of any good person in earnest. 5)Readings are basically sign posts for alerting the subconsciousness of possible changes in behavior and thinking. 6) A "rule of clear thinking" is when your mind, heart and intuition agree together then act on it. Otherwise, do nothing and rethink the issue. Better not to act than to act hastily.

The human psyche is susceptible to scares and fears. Learn how to "cancel" these fears and bring self into Balance again. Fear is the upsetting of balance and clear thinking. The mind is the Intelligence of the Soul. All balancing occurs in the mind of Soul which is the residence of the Spirit, the Life Force of Creation (Energy at its max!). You can work out your issues by yourself if you are willing to take the time and risks involved (facing truths about self). If issues are not rooted out down to the very beginnings and worked out, bad habits will repeat. Psychics help to analyze and offer resolutions and offer to help but it is still up to Self to choose to make effective changes in being. Predictions are warnings. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad and the idea is that changes in behavior or events can alter outcomes for the better. A good psychic will present and offer you a picture of reasonable personal traits and will never coearse you to use their service. Note: 2012 predictions from the past have ominous and dire outcomes that are not necessarily correct. Better to look inward of self NOW for the future and be prepared for any unforeseen events. We are facing a new and better World of Tomorrow.

Email to Jenna, Psychic 3/23/11

When I said you were good at what you do I meant it. Maybe too good. You should know that anyone who insists that they are "needed to guide or else" and implies that if their help is not accepted the requestor will encounter events that they themeself cannot work out is a SCARE TACTIC and a THREAT. You should know better. Life has its timelines. And maybe we don't all read the signs and we do miss opportunities, but the Universe is loving and will always be there to help and guide us. I know in my Spirit when it is time to act because what follows happens fast (pro-activates). The fact that you keep sending these missives to grant permission to persue an in-depth reading indicates you persuasive quality to make people feel inferior and indecisive. Just because you use the words "to make your own choice of free will" doesn't bely the fact that you have a Hidden Agenda! I am good at discovering hidden agendas. That's my talent.

Physcic Scams