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Self knowledge is the true 'healing".

Healing By Knowing 3-5-11
Rev. Patricia BeBeau

Healing is a matter of perception. If you think you need special healing foods, herbs, objects in order to heal, then it will be so for you. Imagine if you will being alone on an island with none of the artifacts that contribute to healing. What would you do? Would you despair because of the lack of these objects not to be found anywhere on the island, or would you go deeper into yourself and find that focal point intent on healing with pure energy of mind? Real healing is confronting issues that have made you physically unwell. Doctors today now believe any and ALL stresses to be the major player to sickness, especially cancers. Every unresolved problem in the emotions or consciousness will eventually manifest itself some way into a physical ailment if not addressed in a lifetime.*

So what does a person do if they don't know what it is that's eating away at them or, as some people I know say they have no problems but are not well? My eldest daughter, Christine, a nutritionist states that if we all ate like we had diabetes we would eliminate many diseases to come. Daily intake is a balance and moderation matter. However, we all go for comfort foods now and then, especially when we feel out of sync with our work and home environments. I understand this as I myself have been afflicted many times. Yet, I would question myself when standing in front of the pantry or refrigerator what it is I wanted after just eating a satisfying meal? I used to slam the door and go have a think. And that's how it all began for me.*

Today I see people running as if they were on fire doing just about anything to get rid of the inner problem/stress rather than sit down with themselves and delve into the issue that bothers them. One person I know said “ was too hard work.” Right she is! It is hard work, but so is trying to live through pain on meds and led a normal life. Remember medicines only treat the symptoms not the source of injury. Yet deep thinking which some call meditation is really where it is at. If you could just put your finger on the problem you might just know how to resolve it, wouldn't you think? Well, a lot of folks out there would rather ignore or believe it cannot be corrected once done, that is, the matter at hand which has made their life a hell on earth. Going back to past times in this life and in past lives may need attention because there it is that the seed had been planted or the actual injury to being was committed. This needs to be healed once and for all.

How many times have you found yourself daydreaming? Or, your mind has wondered during a boring speech and you are in a trance state of mind seeing other realities in your life? When you came back to present consciousness you felt pretty good. How hard was that? Why not do it more often to release the stress? The word meditation always seems to imply that one must take a “time out” at a given time in order to get in touch with the real you. Traditionally this is correct. Today in the 21st Century most people are at their desk, computer, texting or in front of the TV to be bothered. Life in the fast lane doesn't always give us a break unless we break away. The quality of life is something everyone wants at some point and the hope is they will have time for it. Do they really get what they want? Many are seriously sick or on their way to being ill. I get it, but couldn't a person just stare at the screen in front of them and visualize a daydream or wonder at a new perspective of achieving a goal. I mean, come on, you don't even have to get up just stare out in space and THINK.

Usually one word leads to another. That's how great thinkers realized so many answers to the Universe and developed new technology by a trance state of mind that led to revelation of ideas that became workable . We can do that to heal ourselves if we want to. To visualize the problem and then expand the explanation by either factual checklists, or say, alternative choices, even off-the-wall good old fashion common sense can enlighten. The more we use our brain to think things through, the more we come to realize the root of the problem. From there it is a matter of resolutions that fit the issue and a final choice to change a bad habit (sometimes that's all it has been, yet it got out of control) or a new start on a different path of living. Then to forgive self and others, the hard part; what could be healthier? Let go and give it to the Universe. Be realistic with statements that ask how much longer you are willing to put up with the corrupting problem? Take the final plunge and tell yourself you are willing to face the issue, let it pass through you and be willing to establish good habits. Of course, we all must not forget that we are responsible for any discomfort to others we have caused. That may be an issue all its own but facing it will present absolution of self and can only lead to recovery and that's the idea. Many people attest to the fact that when they addressed hidden issues within they immediately began to feel better.

So meditation has been expanded to the forefront. If quiet is what you desire to think-it-through then get away from that desk, computer, TV or cell phone and go outside to visit nature. It will make you feel better because humans have always loved the outdoors at some point.

A note on meditation is that it is a communication time upon where the Universe gives you answers, so listen, open your ears and stop talking so much.

*Thinking is energy.

Healing by Knowing