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We take liberties when we speak. People don't mean half the things they say such as forgiveness. By Rev. Patricia BeBeau

Forgiveness Is Not Just A Word.
Rev. Patricia BeBeau

There is a great sorrow in the world today that what people say about forgiveness is not true. I don't believe for a minute that “forgive”, it would be more honest if they said “I wish I could forgive”, or, “I would like to forgive” It is not within the power of humanness to forgive unless there is total oneness with the Source, The Creator. Only the Creator can forgive and mean it. I am willing to challenge that those who say they forgive someone actually in their hearts have hidden anger stored. Forgiveness is really a godly thing and forgetting is also the same.

What people mean to say is that they would if they could forgive, but issues need dealing with at face value and they tend to put it aside or hide it so that it comes out in rage later in life. This is not accepting the responsibility nor the truth of the hurt. Emotions run high when deeply hurt by others and it takes courage to face facts and deal with the issue/hurt. So strong is the desire to vanquish the perpetrator of the act that human desire becomes distorted, unbalanced and brings forth rage and numbness to all feelings. It would be better to acknowledge this and draw back and away from the situation or person. Hurts, like all wounds, have an initial injury which needs to be addressed in order for healing to take place. It is not unknown that souls take this with them from physical life to physical life not understanding why things play out the same over and over again. I know this now. It's called baggage/blocks and it is responsible for diseases and behaviors. Until a soul decides to go”in depth” to the source of the injury, no healing can take place. Many people are surprised when the discover the real truth. So many have thought the injury was over and done with, but it was only buried in the psyche of their mind and in their heart waiting for exposure.

It only takes a commitment on the part of the Soul seeking the Source's help to forgive and forget once and for all. I realize this upsets many, but doesn't it explain unusual behavior of someone who commits acts of atrocities or who seemingly has it all together but commits suicide, sometimes taking others with them? Why? When earthly or physical living becomes unbearable and no one is aware (cries for help are ignored) of the problem of this soul, it happens.

It is only from the Source/Creator giver of Life true forgiveness comes and is retained in the soul's essence. Forgiveness is when there is balance in body and soul for it then reflects the True nature of the Creator/Supreme Goodness we call God.

Comes out in illnesses, too.

Forgiveness Is Not Just A Word.