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Understanding why our children pay no attention to reality, by Patricia BeBeau.

When our children's brains are inundated with video games and apps so much so they appear to be sucked into a vortex of mindless activity. They are drawn into a virtual world designed to ignore reality around them. So many children and youths today act our their avatar selves only to discover that what devastation they can deliver on another even unto death and bloodshed in their “real” world is far more serious than they were led to believe.
No wonder they run and hide. They feel insecure in this present world of reality and know not how to cope. Their injustice to each other is as if unknown until they strike. The blows that are truly felt immediately bring into mind and senses what really is happening and they are not prepared to handle it wisely. Children are supposed to learn from their adult parents. It seems that the parents, too, are caught up in the Vortex.

What is happening? It appears there is a controller who pulls the strings of desires in order to make “justice” happen. But whose justice is this and is it righteous? When the realization hits home in the brain for a deed of violence done in the real world, getting away seems to be the answer for them for where else is there to go to other than the avatar world? This is the control (the pulling of strings), to give our children abilities without understanding consequences. Somewhere in the universes there will be justice of truth carried out and as much as beings rebel against this notion they will know in their hearts this is justly deserved, the results of the consequences denied in their actions. What excuses are being given today by the parents and the authorities who see a civilization out of control? Poor ones if it be known. All balance starts with the individual and treating others appropriately is the Only Rule of the Universe. Until this is understood chaos will reign and we will loose our children to the controller of a dark fate. 5-5-12 Patricia BeBeau

Vortex Of Overload