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Writing is a state of mind in which actions, dreams, and ideals can be fully described whether real or not. It is a way of consciously fulfilling an unconscious need to explain the deepest knowings of our being. A way to resolve issues and identify problems in one's own life or the world at large. An excellent vehecle for the mind's release of so much energy it cannot hold back any longer. It doesn't matter how it is formulated on paper just that doing it helps relieve and heal inner thoughts that need outter expression in order to clearify sanity. Wonderful format for humor, sadness or curiosity of life's unending challenges. Googlephanting is my way of sharing the Being I have become. I may not be in anyone's spotlight but I have an internal knowing I can heal myself and others just by puttining it out into the Universe for the good of all. My input during this pysical lifetime on Plaane Earth.

Life is sometimes being in a fish bowl where everyone can see what you do. When you think no one is looking today there is someone with their phone recording you, maybe unintensionly or on purpose so why not speak out what is on your mind as long as there is tolorance and compassion, and don't forget your own follies, in all you write.

Artist Statement 2016