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The way people's lives are going today smacks of repetitive actions of past. Going back to "pre-twenty-first century" ideals may be wise not only because some ideals are tried and true, but because survival of all took priority over having it all.

I just enjoyed a day in a playground park with a granddaughter unique in her own perspectives because at 6 she can actually think things through and comment on it. Our shared time was spent in learning about wild animals' habitats and playing on twisty, hanging, climbing surfaces transformed into playground equipment. I observed that none of the children held any kind of electronic gamer in their hands but were as busy as my granddaugter exploring their own fantacies on this practical area. In fact, the only electonic gagets around were the cell phones the parents and grandparents were on. Ironoically, the very pursuers of anti-vertual reality were themselves caught up in it. What I am saying is this seemed so out of place on the adults part because good old fashioned fun was being enjoyed and needed no other enhancements but kids being kids and doin it well. I'd say that playtime isn't "old" as it is practical. Society can still offer this even if it seems to be going through chaos before order will restored.